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New perspectives on anomalies in the sciences – Workshop (híbrido)

outubro 5, 2023 - outubro 7, 2023

Quando? 5 e 6 de outubro, a partir das 10h  GMT-3

Onde? Sala do PPGF-UFRJ, UFRJ (e via Zoom)

Registro de zoom: https://forms.gle/zSSj7RLUwt25ZgBw5

Website: https://sites.google.com/view/workshop-anomalies23

+info: anomalies23@gmail.com


October 5, 2023

Please, note that the time is GMT-3.

10:00-11:30 (KEYNOTE) “A way to see anomalies and how to live with them” Décio Krause (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro)

11:30-12:10 “Semantics of Thought Experiments” C. Peter Hertogh  (Chongqing University, VUB Brussels, Yulin Normal University)

12:10-14:00 LUNCH BREAK

14:00-15:30  (KEYNOTE) “How Anomalies Drive Scientific Discovery” Carol Cleland (University of Colorado Boulder)

15:30 -15:50 COFFEE BREAK

15:50-16:30  “Connecting the Brains: Telepathy, Cybernetics, and Anomalous Cognition” Maxim Miroshnichenko (Global Center for Advanced Studies, Dublin)

16:30-17:10 “The Newman Objection as a formal anomaly” João Vitor Ferrari Rabelo (University of São Paulo)

October 6, 2023

Please, note that the time is Brazilian time (GMT-3).

10:00-10:40 “Logical Treatment of Anomalies” Jean Yves Béziau (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro)

10:40 -11:00 COFFEE BREAK

11:00-11:40 “On the Continuum Fallacy: Is Temperature a Continuous Function?” Aditya Jha (University of Cambridge)

11:40-14:00 LUNCH BREAK

14:00-15:30 (KEYNOTE) “When Inconsistencies Are Not (and When They Are) Anomalies” Otávio Bueno (University of Miami)

15:30 -15:50 COFFEE BREAK

15:50-16:30 “Wonder Drugs for Cancer and COVID-19 in Brazil: Natural Theology, Intuition, and Reason” Julio Michael Stern (University of São Paulo)

16:30-17:10 “The evolution of an anomaly: from contradictions to gaps and from gaps to contradictions” María del Rosario Martínez Ordaz (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro)


outubro 5, 2023
outubro 7, 2023
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